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IRVIN JACKS MENS BARBERSPA is the reinvention of the barbershop: a place for gentlemen to relax and take a break from daily stresses while enjoying a haircut, shave, facial, massage, or a shoeshine and a beverage.
Do I need to be a Member at IRVIN JACKS?
You don't have to be a member to receive services at IRVIN JACKS. However, membership does have its privileges, including special offers and built-in savings.
What should I expect at IRVIN JACKS?
When you arrive at IRVIN JACKS for your appointment, you may be given a Gi to wear over your shirt for the duration of your haircut, scalp massage, shave, or hand & fingernail detail. Arrive early or linger awhile after your appointment in IRVIN JACKS relaxed atmosphere to catch part of the game, or enjoy a beverage.

An appointment is not necessary for members who wish to simply drop in to browse books and magazines, read the paper, check email, watch tv, network over a beverage in the lounge area, or enjoy the sunshine or a cigar on the patio.
Are women welcome?
IRVIN JACKS is a men's salon and spa, but women are always welcome to enjoy a beverage or receive a shoeshine while waiting in the reception are. If Dad isn't available to bring in your boy, by all means we welcome you to bring him.
What if I have a daughter, not a son?
At IRVIN JACKS, we are happy to see your young daughter (0-12) for a haircut or hand & fingernail detail.
We have several father's who have said, "I don't know where to take my daughter," or "I don't have a son, but I would like to bring my daughter in with me," or "I'm not comfortable sitting in a woman's salon waiting on my 6-year old daughter."
We're here to help.
Do I have to see the same Stylist on every visit?
The simple answer is, no. We are here to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. All stylists are IRVIN JACKS are skilled and capable. It's okay to switch stylists from time to time. All members of the team are comfortable with this and expect it.
What is proper tipping etiquette?
The standard for tipping that we typically see is anywhere from 18% - 35% of the total value of the goods or service, regardless of whether you are paying cash, using a gift certificate, or redeeming a coupon. Of course exemplary service should be rewarded as the client sees fit. As is the case at traditional salons, at IRVIN JACKS your tip is split among all the people who provided services to you. You can ask for it to be divided, pay each person at the time of service, or leave it in an envelope at the front desk.
Do you offer product for purchase?
Yes, at IRVIN JACKS we have a wide array of products specifically for men including Aveda, Paul Mitchell, The Art of Shaving, Redken for Men, American Crew, and others.
It is important to look good after you leave IRVIN JACKS. Explain your needs and wants to a member of the IRVIN JACKS team who, with their specialized knowledge of men's grooming trends, will make sure you leave with the right products in hand.
Do I have to schedule an appointment?
We do our best to accommodate same-day appointments, but recommend that you call in advance whenever possible. The best way to ensure a convenient time slot with your preferred stylist is to schedule your next visit before leaving IRVIN JACKS.
Can I schedule a group of guys to receive service at the same time?
Absolutely. IRVIN JACKS is the perfect environment for groomsmen and birthday parties or for friends or work pals looking for a unique place to gather. We ask for at least one week notice and will collect a deposit, but yes, the more the merrier.
What if I am unhappy with a service?
If your visit to IRVIN JACKS is anything short of flawless, please let us know. We cannot address issues we are not aware of. Keeping you satisfied is our primary goal. Talk first with your current stylist to work through hair or customer service issues. If matters aren't resolved to your satisfaction, our management team is happy to step in.