1. YES! You should have your eyebrows, ears, and nose waxed. Extra hair shouldn't be there!  Unibrow be gone!

2. Guys, have a facial. It will help with ingrown hairs, clogged pores, and fine lines. 

3. Product is a great way to change up your look from day to day. 

4. Next time you're in, ask if you're using the right product. Ask if your recent cut is right for you.

5. Men's skin and scalp differ from women's, so they need to be treated differently. Men are more prone to sensitivity, itchiness, irritation, redness and other unpleasant skin and scalp conditions.  (Ask us what you need.)

6. A good shampoo and conditioner is a MUST! No one wants a dry, flaky scalp.

7. Use a good facial scrub before shaving and a moisturizer with SPF after.  (Ask us what we suggest.)

8. A GREAT SHAVE includes: preparing the skin, pre-shave oil, apply shave cream/gel with a badger brush, shave, and hydrate.  (Schedule a shave with us today!)

9. Wear deoderant! Don't stink up the place.  :)

10. Less is more when it comes to fragrance.

11. Get a massage: a must in helping to relieve pain and stress.  Add stretching for more benefit.

12. YES! Men should, and do, get their fingernails and toesnails detailed. Put the MAN back in MANicure, and a Foot Detail is a MUST!  (Your wife, or girlfriend, will notice and thank you!)