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Disguise the Gray (hair color)
$ 35
Does your hair need a bit of a flashback? Do you want to camo the gray that is sneaking up on you? We can help with Color Camo. It will add a little "Pepper" to your salt and pepper hair and it won't be a sudden shock.
Hair Color Tune-up
$ 45
Do you need a hair color tune-up or a complete color change?
Beard Cleanup
$ 20 & Up
Beard Detail with Edge Up
All Over Color
$45 & Up
$45 & Up
Buzz Cut
Beard Trim with Haircut - Basic with Clippers
Mustache Trim with Haircut - Basic with Clippers
Straight Razor Neck Shave
Neck Trim / Cleanup
Relaxing Scalp Massage
Hot Towel Treatment
The Jr. Works (to age 12)
The Kids Cut (age 2-10)
The Jr. Cut (age 11-12)
The Teen Cut (age 13-17)