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The Hand & Nail Detail
Some would call it a MANicure. We call it DETAILING. Includes a warm hand soak, cuticle care, trimming/filing nails, stress relieving massage of the hands/forearms, moisturizing hands, buffing of the nails.
Add a warm moisturizing paraffin dip for added benefits.
Approximately 30 minutes
The Attwater
$ 49
Personal Consult,HAND & NAIL DETAIL, Hand & Arm Massage, Hydrating Facial Refresher, 5-minute RELAXING SCALP MASSAGE, Refreshing Hot Steam Towel, Invigorating Shampoo, Smoothing Condition, Style, Beverage
Paraffin Dip
$ 8
A warm paraffin dip is great for soothing chronic arthritis, joint pain, to increase range of motion, and to relax stiff muscles. It is also a great treatment to relieve dryness and for tired, overworked hands.
Foot Detail with Massage
$ 50
Keep your feet in shape for Golf, Hunting, Life.
A MANLY spin on the pedicure, you MUST try our Foot Detail. Includes a foot soak, sea salt exfoliation, cuticle cleanup followed by nail trim, and a peppermint foot mask with hot steam towels. A lower leg and foot massage followed by a warm moisturizing paraffin dip concludes the service. Enjoy a beverage and TV to boot!
Add callus remover for smoother heels.
Approx 50 minutes
Callus Remover
$ 10
Add a callus remover treatment to your Foot Detail to breakdown those unsightly calluses that can wreck havoc on your feet and make your shoes fit improperly.